Lead tracking

Call tracking.

Capture all phone call contacts and trace back to the responsible marketing source.

Call flow: custom IRV menu

Callers will hear a menu of options to direct their call to the appropriate connection.

Call Flow - Post-Call Qualification

Let your staff rate incoming calls as leads as soon as the call ends.

Call Flow - Geographic Call Routing

All incoming calls will be routed to the closest business location to the caller.

Call flow: scheduled times and vacation routing

Redirect calls that occur outside of your active business hours.

Call flows: multi-ring dialing (simultaneous)

Route calls to multiple destination numbers at once using the multi-ring functionality.

Call transcription

Read the details of your calls without the need to listen to the entire recording of the call.

Tracking phone numbers

Buy numbers to use with your call tracking software.

Call greeting

Create an automatic greeting to play when someone calls your tracking number.

Whisper call

Provide your sellers with follow-up information on leads. before even talking to the customer.

Call recording

Control, download and monitor your incoming calls at no additional cost.

Call tracking options

Choose one of the three strategies for your call tracking software.

Call tracking triggers

Choose which calls to track based on the marketing source the caller is coming from.

Keyword level call tracking software

Improve PPC by knowing which keywords generated phone calls and were converted to conversions.

Dynamic phone number insertion

Automatically track marketing to a phone call with Dynamic Number Insertion (IDN).

Set up and track instant phone numbers

Select a tracking number, provide the destination number, and initiate follow-up calls.

Automated spam blocking

Improve PPC by knowing which keywords generated phone calls and were converted to conversions.

HIPAA Complaint Call Tracking Software

Keep your ePHI information safe.

Transfer your numbers.

Don’t worry about losing your phone numbers; Transfer current phone numbers free of charge.

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