Lead tracking

Search and filter leads.

View all of your leads on one platform, where you can search for specific leads and customers to see all your marketing data.

Filter / Group by custom field

Different companies may need different data fields, and WebSEO knows this.

Filter / Group by product or service

By viewing leads grouped by product or service, marketers, customers, and business owners can gain insight.

Filter / Group by landing page and main page

If you know which page a user came up with, you will have clues to what keywords they will use to find your site.

Filter / Group by campaigns and keywords

Apply filters to group leads by specific keywords or campaigns to quickly see the result of your advertising investment.

Filter / Group by means or source

Filtering and grouping tools allow you to browse a subset of leads from specific campaigns, sources, or marketing channels.

Search leads by phone number

Find specific leads in seconds. Search by phone number or area code and identify contact information.

Search leads by name

WebSEO instantly extracts caller ID information so you can quickly search for leads by name.

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