Analysis & Information

Marketing reports.

Informes de marketing simples y claros respaldados por datos detallados de clientes potenciales y de marketing.

Summarized monthly marketing report

Distill your marketing efforts into a lead-based report that’s easy to understand.

Leads by campaign and keywords

Optimize pay-per-click efforts with campaign and keyword tracking for every conversion.

Leads by source and a half

Track and see the source and medium used by the converting leads.

Advertising and content leads

Track the content and ads that drive your leads to convert.

Leads by landing page

See how potential customers got to your site and the page they were on when they communicated.

Leads per lead page

Quickly see if your visitors become a “Contact Us” page or the other pages on your site.

Leads per day

See which days of the week generate the most business and see how this changes over time.

Leads per week

WebSEO can plot your leads over a period of time to show when fluctuations occurred.

WebSEO in action.

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More than 1000 integrations available

WebSEO works with software tools you already use, keeping your work efficient and familiar.

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